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Our company leaders are committed to living our company values: to put people first; to be technically excellent; and to work with integrity. Click on any of the names below to know more about that person.

Sir Yii Ann Hii


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Sir Yii Ann Hii is the founder of the Investwell Group of Companies in the Philippines. An entrepreneur by profession, Sir Yii Ann’s passion to develop natural resources across the globe have made him the success story that he is today.

Born in Sibu, Sarawak in Malaysia; Sir Yii Ann took his wide range of business interests across nations. From Hong Kong, Singapore, Papua New Guinea, Australia and other countries; the man has left his mark in a total of seven countries. He maintains a diverse portfolio of businesses that range across numerous industries; including: timber, resource mining, property development, finance and even fine dining.

In particular, Sir Yii Ann’s ventures in Papua New Guinea have received the highest accolades. His company in PNG has been contributing to the development of local communities for decades. For this, the government of PNG expressed their gratitude by recommending him for a Knighthood in the Imperial (British) Honours List in June 2007. Since then he has carried the title “Sir.”

With more than 30 years of expertise in business, Sir Yii Ann has taken his pioneering spirit to the Philippines. Since 2008, he has been implementing the same method of social development through business for communities in the Philippines.

Mr Milo S. Ibrado Jr.


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Mr Milo Ibrado is a resources industry expert. A business leader as well as a technical specialist; Ibrado started his traning at UP Diliman with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. He continued to acquire a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the Ateneo de Manila Graduate School of Business.

His rich background in Science combined with his business expertise has allowed him to thrive in the private sector. Whether as a part of the administrative team, operations team or company president, Ibrado has been a key player in the corporate world for years. He has even co-owned several companies that deal with chemicals; rare metals manufacturing, waste treatment and recycling and even renewable energy sources.

Ibrado has also been active in the government sector with high rank government positions aligned with his field. He became a consultant in 2000 for the Bureau of Food and Drugs (BFAD) and continued to head the administration department of the Office of Presidential Advisor for Special Concerns in 2002-2004.

Mr Ding Guan Wei


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Mr Ding Guan Wei is a veteran in the fields of international trade and business relations. As CEO, Mr Ding oversees Investwell’s global team, providing strategic direction and management for our operations worldwide. In partnership with Investwell, Mr Ding is also responsible for developing innovative business strategies with related industries across the globe.

Mr Ding has decades of experience leading companies experiencing explosive growth through acquisition, international expansion and implementing new business models. He is a world-travelled entrepreneur with established businesses in several countries. His expertise ensures Investwell is working proficiently on the world stage. 

Ms Sue Su


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Ms. Sue Su holds years of experience in executive management. As Company director, she is responsible all facets of Investwell Group of Companies: from the day-to-day operation of our mines to our public relations. Her work enables strong connections between all our members, partners and customers. In line with Investwell’s commitment to put people first, Ms Sue is also constantly developing our philanthropic initiatives both locally and around the world.

Mr James Cowper


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Mr James Cowper has been an active business leader for years. His experiences from different companies make him invaluable for handling internal and external issues for the continued improvement of the company.

Ms Grace Su


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Ms. Grace Su is an international business relations specialist. She currently holds a Bachelor of Asia-Pacific Studies and International Business from Tamkang University in Taiwan, She has years of experience in the areas of international trade and relations, and her work has ranged from Sales Manager to Chief Financial Officer, and even to President of different multinational companies.

Ms Su is key to the performance of Investwell Group of Companies: a proudly multicultural organisation.

Mr Ye Sen Wang


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Mr William has years of experience in dealing with internal and external management. This manager has an extensive skills and knowledge base that covers IT projects, telecommunications and port operations. With his 11 years of management work, he ensures all of IGC’s mining operations in Camarines Norte work productively. 

Mr Law Puong Yong


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Mr. Law Puong Yong has more than 20 years of experience in international trade relations. Educated in Malaysia and Australia, he maintains an extensive range of experiences that cover the disciplines of business administration, cost and management accounting. Previously, Mr. Law has held senior and managerial roles with several multinational companies that deal in the timber and cocoa trading industries. He brings with him a wealth of knowledge to Investwell and is one reason why the company continues to flourish.